Saturday, October 24, 2009

So here it goes!

There are many out there who have a hobby. Some of those things could include model trains, airplanes, racing, painting, sky diving, fishing, well you get the point. This is a blog about me and my hobby. Since I was a kid I have collected toy soldiers. I remember playing with these in the back yard and not so long ago, my dad unearthed sacred ground! My own version of Arlington, where many of my soldiers were laid to rest in neat little rows with flag draped caskets (I would never dream of placing that flag in the ground today).

Since those years, I have become one of many who has embraced the hobby of historical miniature war gaming. I could take the time to explain this to you all, but it is best to allow the stewards of this great hobby to explain it. That would be the Historical Miniature Gaming Society, HMGS for short. They have a wonderful website and I encourage all those who may have an interest to stop by their website and check it out, .

This blog will primarily focus on the items I am working on. It will also provide some hints and tips to those who may be starting out in the hobby. You will find some pictures, I hope to become better at photographing my work so you all can enjoy the splendor of a painted army moving about on the battlefield.

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